Asian Astrology – A New Approach

Tamil astrology and numerology are occult methods of divining the future. They are also used to help define a person’s attributes, comprehend the harmonic patterns of the planets in relation to one another and otherwise attempt to decipher the makeup of reality. The Tamil Jothidam method is mostly used by numerologists as a way of observing, documenting and understanding the universe and the place of human beings within it.

Tamil is an incredibly old language that originated in India. It is, in fact, one of the most ancient languages on earth. For this reason, there are many people who use this language. Because it is such an old language and culture, astrological predictions and practices that originated with this culture carry an authenticity that is not found in more modern interpretations of the universe as it relates to the lives of individuals and the welfare of human life on earth.

The word “Tamil” is also a reference to an Indian numerological term, “Tamil Nada”. In Indian Tamil numerology, every person is connected with three important numbers.

1. Your psychic number: Your self perception is determined by your date of birth.

2. Your destiny number: The world’s perception of you is determined by the sum of all theĀ  numbers that make up your birth date.

3. Your name number: They types of relationships you will have with others is determined by a mathematical calculation that assigns a sound frequencies to specific numbers.

Numbers in Tamil numerology are assigned specific characteristics. For example, the number six is a supportive, caring homebody of a number. Those whose name adds up to “six” will tend to be welcoming and family oriented; however, they may need to exercise extreme care when handling money.

Another aspect of Tamil numerology is the Vedic square. This is a reference to the types of symmetrical geometric patterns that are commonly found in the art of Islam. Origins of this type of use of geometric patterns can be traced to a variety of cultures including Japan, India, Babylon and Egypt. Pythagorus of Greece, a philosopher and mathematician, was the first to make use of the concept of geometric patterns and a form of heightened perception and divination.

A combined use of Tamil numerology and astrology can help an individual determine hisĀ  or her own purpose in life. This practice helps identify the influences of the planets upon individuals as well as helping to clearly comprehend the individual personality traits of each person and how those traits affect daily life.

Even though the use of Tamil astrology and numerology are ancient practices, there is very little information readily available on these topics. Those seeking in depth and original information on this fascinating topic are encouraged to seek out free Tamil astrology and numerology books and videos for download online. Many of these books are anecdotal and require quite a bit of interpretation on the part of the reader; however, consistent effort combined with spiritual determination will prevail to provide serious seekers with uniquely personalized knowledge.