Crystal Healing – An Unconventional Health Approach

The use of crystals for healing purposes has been an age old tradition. Many old cultures already knew a long time ago that crystals have a healing effect on our mental and physical health. But they also used these crystals as a way to protect themselves against negative influences. Western society has only started to appreciate the use of crystals for healing purposes just recently. Nonetheless, many traditional cultures have preserved this knowledge and use it until this day.

Therefore, crystals and crystal therapy are still being used to strengthen the body and give it enough energy to heal itself.

Crystal Healing Wand - Unconventional Approaches

The therapeutic effects of crystals is based on the energy that is contained within the crystals themselves. By wearing a crystal, the human aura, which consists of pure energy, is influenced in a positive manner.

A disease or condition is usually caused by a strange frequency of the vibration of an organ or another place in the body. By wearing a certain crystal, or a combination of crystals, the condition or disease can be positively influenced and even decreased significantly.

Of course, the use of crystal therapy for healing purposes should never be viewed as an alternative to a visit to your primary health care physician. But crystal therapy can be a complementary therapy which you can use in combination with modern medicine.

There are still so many people that doubt the effectiveness of crystal therapy. However, by using aura photography, it is proven that crystals have their own energy fields.

But how exactly do you use crystal therapy? You can start off by comfortably lying down on the floor or on your bed. Now place a corresponding crystal on every chakra in your body. It is always advised to put the crystals directly onto your skin instead of on the top of your clothing or on top of the blanket.

You can also do a meditation with these crystals. Sit down in a relaxed manner with both feet on the floor and use the positive energy of a crystal as support to get into a deeper state of meditation.

Of course, not everyone has time to do these things. But it is also possible to carry a crystal on a necklace or on your clothes itself. You can also put the crystal on the affected area of your body and fix it with a bandaid. Rougher crystals are also ideal to keep inside of your house, such as your living room, your office space or your bedroom. They will positively affect the atmosphere inside of your home and can have positive effects on your health as well.

Whatever you choose to do with the crystals, it is important that you choose a stone that corresponds with your goals or problems. Every stone has a different vibration and as such, also has a different effect on your health and well-being. An expert on crystals can advise you on which stone would suit you best.

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