3 Effective Unconventional Parenting Approaches

Fun Unconvetional ParentingIf you are trying to raise your kids using modern techniques that are supposed to work there, but you’re not having very much success, especially with your middle or younger child, it is possible that you may have to resort to using unconventional parenting techniques that will be much more productive and lead to positive results. Although some of the techniques we are about to present may not be ones that you will personally want to use, these three techniques have been developed and utilized my parents that were simply out of options, and decided to try something different. Here are three unconventional parenting methods that you might want to try in order to get positive results trying to raise unruly children.

Telling Them Not To Clean The Room

A very large problem that parents have today has to do with training their kids to clean their room. This could be something as simple as getting them to make their bed in the morning, or perhaps picking the clothing up off of the floor and folding them neatly in their drawers. If your kids are younger, they will probably have toys scattered everywhere, making it very difficult to see where the carpet starts, and where their belongings begin, because it is so messy. The best way to fix this problem is to ask your children to never clean their room. In fact, make a point of telling them every day, at least five or six times, that they are not allowed to make their roommate. In most cases, when you’re dealing with an authority issue, kids will want to do the exact opposite. By using this reverse psychology, you can sometimes fix the problem in just a few days as they rebel against you and keep their room clean.

Tell Them To Watch TV

Another problem that is enormous is getting your kids to stop watching TV. In fact, many of them will sit very close to the television, which could potentially harm their eyes. Instead of telling them to stop watching, tell them that they need to watch, and they need to sit as close as possible. You should also tell them to play the television as loudly as possible so that they can’t hear anything else. Although this is similar to reverse psychology, you are also making everything so large and loud that they won’t be able to stand it for very long. They will simply stop watching television, or sitting close to the TV, because they will find it very difficult to do on a regular basis.

Ignore Your Siblings

Finally, another problem that parents have when they have more than one child is that two or more of them will constantly fight. To end this problem, tell them to not play with their brother or sister, and to do things alone, and to enforce this on a regular basis. Their emotions will get the best of them, and they will start to miss their brothers and sisters, and they will by default begins to act more appropriately. By using any of these three unconventional parenting methods, you may find yourself with children that are very neat, that do not watch a lot of TV, and that treat their siblings with respect.

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